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A Tale of Perseverance and Discovery

Female pharmacist embarks on an expedition to discover and document indigenous healing practices and natural remedies in the Congo rainforest. She quickly realizes why the region has remained largely unexplored.

Featuring Amy Greeson, Esteban Barrera and Wil Weldon.  Produced and Directed by Amy Greeson.  Edited by Sherrie McWhorter.  Director of Photography – Esteban Barrera.  Sound – Wil Weldon.  Original music by Meredith Holladay and Jaime Laguereula.

Exploring the World

A Healing Seekers Film

Expedition Congo is a Healing Seekers Film.  The Healing Seekers Team explores some of the most remote areas of the world such as the Amazon and Andes, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and Republic of the Congo.  Treks are extensively filmed, which allows for fascinating educational videos, webisodes and documentaries to be created.