A Tale of Perseverance and Discovery

Setting out on a two month expedition to the Congo rainforest, the Healing Seekers Team quickly realizes why the region, regarded as one of the most pristine, bio-diverse treasures on Planet Earth, has remained unexplored. With the mission to film indigenous healing practices and natural remedies as well as the natural environments of flora and fauna for educational purposes, the team embarks on a path to discover and document what has not been seen before.

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Thorns and briars rip their flesh. Dense foliage makes progress slow, requiring considerable time to slash through with machetes, as they are constantly surrounded by swarms of bees and colonies of ants. Their struggles escalate when water supplies become depleted. Leaving the nearly impenetrable southern region, they trek to the northern region where they discover communities and learn about their food, dwelling structures and natural remedies.

The team meets several healers, including one who has been blind since birth, who explains natural treatments which have been used for generations, yet never shared with the outside world. Throughout it all, the team overcomes life-threatening obstacles and various challenges, realizing that perseverance, positive attitude and teamwork are vital. The help from their new Congolese friends make it possible to complete the expedition.

And because of these friendships, the team is not only able to witness the purity and rawness of the Congo, but capture a piece of it to share with the rest of the world.



Cast and Crew

Amy Greeson

Amy is Founder and Executive Director of Healing Seekers, CEO of Natural Discoveries, Inc., a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Pharmacy and practicing pharmacist. Her expeditions include treks into Belize, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and the Republic of the Congo.

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Her work in remote bio-diverse countries with indigenous people, searching for novel medical treatments, has attracted interviews with NPR, Australian Public Radio, and numerous articles and other press including ‘International Policy Digest’ and in the NYC publication, ‘Women Around Town’. Her expeditions have been extensively filmed, documented and produced into short educational films featured on the Healing Seekers website (www.healingseekers.com) and distributed to thousands of school systems throughout the US. Her book, And the Silent Spoke, is slated to be released in the fall of 2018.

Esteban “Tibi” Barrera

Tibi is a graduate of the film program at Universidad de San Francisco de Quito. He has served as the Director of Videography for the Healing Seekers expeditions to Ecuador, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and Republic of the Congo.

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Additionally, he served as a guide, photographer and videographer. Born in Quito Ecuador, Esteban’s work has taken him from the jungles of Papúa New Guinea, to the The Cordillera Blanca of Peru, to Torres del Paine in Chile. As documentary film maker and commercial photographer he is able to adapt to a fast-paced work environment and switch seamlessly from still photography to flying drones. Always keen for an adventure, he can be ready to travel at a moments notice.


Wil Weldon

Wil is an adventure-seeking video journalist who grew up in Thomasville, NC and now resides in Durham, NC. He has done documentary work in nine countries, made four feature films, and recently discovered a deep passion for biographical documentary as part of legacy storytelling and creation. 

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He is a M.A. graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, where his studies merged traditional broadcast techniques with online multimedia presentation. Wil received a bachelor’s degree in English from Duke University and has since worked as an assistant for author Reynolds Price, a producer for Internet media company LookSmart, and in various capacities as a videographer and video technical specialist. His work has appeared on NPR, North Carolina Public Television, throughout Duke University’s web site, on the web for various art and business entities throughout North Carolina, and on other major media web sites.


Behind the Scenes

Post Production Team

Responsible for script writing, editing and sound design.

Sherrie and Diane co-own McWhorter Concepts, Inc., a full service video production company based in Greensboro, NC.


Sherrie McWhorter

Sherrie McWhorter

Editor and Co-Writer

Diane Stevio

Diane Stevio

Post Production Consultant

March 2018

NOVA Fest Awards

Awarded Best Full Length Documentary at NOVA Fest 2018.  Watch the interview.


What People are Saying

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“I have never heard of the Law of Signatures.  I will be reading up on that.”

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“Exceptional Film!”

“A combination of visuals, story and music create an exciting and captivating educational film…a must see!!!.”

Mary R.


“The drones were a fabulous bonus, showing the beautiful and wild Congo.  Wish it had been longer. ”


“Prepare for a rich experience”

“Absolutely astounding.  Phenomenal insight into a piece of our world that holds many answers.”

Chuck C.

“Wow, just Wow!!!”

“It was a phenomenal documentary…”



“And moved me from tears to laughter to relief to the deepest appreciation for our beautiful planet Earth and all of us that live here.”


“Phenomenal movie”

“Extraordinary work!. ”


“Amazing job”

“Let me know when you start the sequel.”