A Look Inside

Fisherman along the Sangha River
Tibi flying the drone along the Sangha River
Amy and Wil look with anticipation of the river ahead.
The team recalculates the route in hopes of finding water.
The team takes a much needed break.
Swarms of bees on Amy's legs.
Shelter for a fisherman's family.
Swarms of butterflies. So beautiful.
Creating a natural mosquito repellent.
Tibi pauses along the trek to admire one of the huge trees.
Wil sinks into the mud and has to be pulled out by two guides.
Cameras in place to film the second largest fresh water swamp in the world.
Buildings within a village. One for sleeping and one for cooking.
Amy pauses during the trek.
Head tracker shows the team the medicinal properties of a huge tree.
A village along the Sangha River
The team returns to the dugout after spending time Mama Denise, a healer.
Wil and Tibi prepare to launch the drone.
A healer named Dominique shares many tribal remedies.
A grasshopper makes a visit on Amy's boot one day.
Wil uses the Steri-pen to treat water while talking with Amy before sleep.
Wil and Amy chatting until bedtime.
Amy enjoying a moment of joy along the Sangha River.
Amy journals as the team heads back to their village. They are arrested upon arrival.
A drone shot of the world's second largest fresh water swamp.
A drone shot of the shadows of the team members during a scouting trip.
Tibi discussing the trek's route with the drivers.
The team quickly navigates the forest floor to sneak a peek at a gorilla.
A healer describes a treatment he uses for members of his village.
The Healing Seekers team takes a few hours to explore the surrounding area before continuing north.