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What People are Saying

“Very interesting.”

“I have never heard of the Law of Signatures.  I will be reading up on that.”

Robert W.

“Exceptional Film!”

“A combination of visuals, story and music create an exciting and captivating educational film…a must see!!!.”

Mary R.


“The drones were a fabulous bonus, showing the beautiful and wild Congo.  Wish it had been longer. ”


“Prepare for a rich experience”

“Absolutely astounding.  Phenomenal insight into a piece of our world that holds many answers.”

Chuck C.

“Wow, just Wow!!!”

“It was a phenomenal documentary…”



“And moved me from tears to laughter to relief to the deepest appreciation for our beautiful planet Earth and all of us that live here.”


“Phenomenal movie”

“Extraordinary work!. ”


“Amazing job”

“Let me know when you start the sequel.”